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Posted on: July 11, 2023

City of Manvel Urges Residents to Conserve Water this Summer

Blue graphic of water and a faucet.

As the summer heat intensifies and demand for water rises, the City of Manvel is asking residents to take proactive steps toward water conservation. To preserve our water supply, the city urges citizens to adopt simple but effective measures in their daily lives to reduce water consumption throughout the summer.

Water is an invaluable resource, and it is up to all of us to ensure its long-term sustainability. As temperatures continue to rise and the summer storms become farther and fewer between, the city has seen an increased demand on its water supply. While water usage has not exceeded the city’s capacity, the city would still like to urge its residents to incorporate mindful conservation habits into their daily lives.

Keeping these tips in mind will help residents contribute positively to sustaining our water supply and ensure our public water system can accommodate the needs of the entire city!

Limit Outdoor Watering: Water your lawns and gardens during the cooler parts of the day to minimize evaporation and ensure proper absorption. Timing is key; it is more effective to water your lawn in the mornings and evenings rather than during the height of the day when most of the water will evaporate before your lawn can absorb it. You can also consider using drip irrigation systems or collecting rainwater for watering purposes.

Mindful Car Wash: Use a bucket instead of a hose for washing your car. This simple step can save hundreds of gallons of water.

Fix Leaks Promptly: Check your plumbing fixtures regularly and repair any leaks immediately. Even seemingly minor leaks can waste significant amounts of water over time.

Shorter Shower Time: Challenge yourself to take shorter showers, aiming for five minutes or less. Installing low-flow showerheads can further reduce water consumption.

Upgrade Appliances: When purchasing new appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers, choose water-efficient models. Look for the WaterSense label to ensure these devices are optimized for water savings.

Opt for Full Loads: Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have a full load. This practice maximizes each wash cycle and reduces water usage.

Reuse Water Where Possible: Capture and reuse water wherever feasible. For instance, save and reuse cold water used while waiting for the tap to heat up.

By adopting these simple but effective water-saving practices, we can significantly impact the city’s water supply. Water conservation is not only an individual responsibility but a shared commitment to the health and growth of our community. The City of Manvel invites all residents to join us in preserving water. Together, we can make a difference!

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