Water System Flushing

System flushing is essential to water distribution system maintenance and helps to clean out any build-up of stagnant water, mineral deposits, and sediment inside pipes. These harmless deposits can occur when there is a reduction in water demand. Flushing is conducted by the Utility Services division periodically at fire hydrants throughout Manvel.

Flushing at our fire hydrants also allows us to monitor operations and check the water pressure and flow within our system, which is critical for firefighting.

How do we Flush Water Mains?

The city regularly flushes its dead-end mains both through automatic flushing devices and by manually opening select hydrants and blow-off valves. The opening of a fire hydrant causes water flow in the mains to increase, creating a scouring effect inside the pipe.

System-wide flushing – also known as concentric flushing – is a more involved process consisting of multiple service crews. Crews will begin at the water plant and expand outward in a circle, flushing pipes until they reach the dead-end of the mains. This type of flushing is only conducted on an as-needed basis, typically once per year. 

What to Expect During Flushing

When crews are in your area, you may notice a slight drop in water pressure and discolored water.

Discoloration occurs because the sediment in the water mains is scoured when the fire hydrants are opened, and the water flow in the pipes changes. This is normal, temporary, and not harmful to health. Simply let your water run until it flushes the discoloration from your pipes.

How to Prepare for Flushing

  • Sign up for Manvel's customer notification system, Blackboard, to receive a text or email to inform you when we’ll be flushing in your neighborhood.
  • Before flushing, set aside water for cooking or drinking.
  • Alternatively, have on-hand water bottles to use for cooking or drinking.
  • Check for discolored water before using the washing machine or dishwasher and before consumption.

How to Receive Flushing Notifications

The City will use Blackboard to notify you via text and email before we begin flushing your neighborhood. You must opt-in to these types of non-emergency alerts. Sign up for Blackboard notifications. We will also post to the City’s various social media channels, which you can find on our website.