Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is deeply rooted in the systematic growth, improvement, rehabilitation, safety, health, general welfare, planning, and economical development of our city. Code Enforcement’s goal is to establish and maintain a standard of quality of life for all citizens by providing quality inspections and bringing about improvements and rehabilitation to the City of Manvel’s neighborhoods and communities.

Code Enforcement Officers are proactively enforcing areas concerning substandard structures, high grass and weeds, accumulation of trash and debris, junked items, and other general nuisance relations violations. Officers enforce codes and regulations as laid out by the City of Manvel’s Code of Ordinances. 

Some common code violations include:

    Substandard Structures 
    High Grass and Weeds 
    Trash and Debris 
    Junk Vehicles 
    Nuisance Animals 
    Construction without a permit 
    Zoning Violations 

To submit a complaint, please fill out a complaint form by clicking here.

To view the City of Manvel's Code of Ordinances, please visit 

Assistance from Other Manvel Departments

The following issues are not addressed by Code Enforcement. To ensure the fastest response to your complaint(s) we recommend you contact these departments directly:

Manvel Police Department (Phone: 281-489-1212)

Noise Complaints (Report these complaints while they are occurring.)
Vagrancy/Homeless Trespassing
Cars Parked on the Street

Development Services Department (Phone: 281-489-0630)

Work without Permits
Illegal Land Use
Too Many People Living in a Building
Garage Sales
Commercial Signage on Private Property
Buildings without Utility Services
Zoning Issues

Public Works (Phone: 832-336-4089)

Damaged Streets/Sidewalks
Water main breaks