Development within the City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) is encouraged. The City has worked diligently to develop plans for promoting growth in the City and surrounding areas.

Adopted Plans

The City of Manvel has adopted the following plans. These plans are a guide for businesses and developers as they begin to work with the City.

Design Criteria Manual

The Design Criteria Manual (PDF) establishes criteria for the design of:

  • Criteria for street paving
  • Geometric design guidelines for streets
  • Site development
  • Standard paving notes for drawing callouts
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Water lines

Capital  Improvements Program FY 2016-2020

Pursuant to Section 8.03 of the City of Manvel's Home Rule Charter, adopted on May 14, 2011, the City Manager is required to submit a five-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) to City Council.

The goal of the CIP is to help maintain the same high quality of life for all citizens of Manvel through the timely anticipation of the City's needs and the planning of improvement projects - and their funding sources - as the community grows.

Manvel 2015 Comprehensive Plan

The 2015 Comprehensive Plan (PDF) establishes a general pattern for the intensity of development within the City of Manvel, which should reinforce the vision of the City's future physical form - how the community should grow, develop and mature over time. This plan was developed in 2007 and includes the most current updates done in 2015.

Master Thoroughfare Plan

The thoroughfare system forms one of the most visible and permanent elements of the community.  It establishes the framework for community growth and development and, along with the Future Land Use Plan (Comprehensive Plan), forms a long-range statement of public policy.  As the alignment and right-of-way of major transportation facilities are established, and adjacent property developed, it is difficult to facilitate system changes without incurring significant financial implications.

The Master Thoroughfare Plan will provide individual yet integrated modal strategies for vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle, and capital projects planning that will serve as a blueprint for future investment-related decisions into the transportation system.  Several key principles were recognized in the preparation of the Plan and included:

  • The community should have convenient internal circulation between neighborhoods, core community assets, and special areas.
  • Through traffic should be minimized to specific facilities designed to accommodate non-local and regional traffic.  Transportation facilities should define rather than split residential areas in order to preserve neighborhood integrity.
  • The Plan is one element of a coordinated transportation system to address the long-term multi-modal transportation needs of the City.  Strategic growth planning aimed at promoting transportation choices should also be considered.
  • A safe pedestrian/bikeway system should provide connectivity between neighborhoods, community facilities, and retail areas.
  • The plan should monitor regional growth implications in order to proactively address mobility and accessibility issues to and from Manvel.  Master Thoroughfare Plan Map

Master Drainage Plan

The City retained the services of Klotz Associates to perform a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis in the form of a Master Drainage Plan (MDP).  The underlying objective of this study was to provide recommendations for drainage improvements to the City in order to meet the City's continued growth and future needs.  ROW Scenario One Map.

(To view the Master Drainage Plan, exhibits and scenario's in its entirety, type "Master Drainage Plan" in the search function)

Master Water Plan

The purpose of the Master Water Plan is to evaluate the existing water distribution system, identify future water demands to be met by the system, identify recommended improvements, and serve as a guiding document for future capital projects and developer-driven initiatives. 

Master Wastewater Plan

The goals of the Master Wastewater Plan is to develop wastewater flow projections for existing and future developments, conduct wastewater system analyses, and identify and develop wastewater system improvement recommendations for collection and treatment projects.

 Master Parks Plan

The Master Parks Plan forms the framework for parks, recreation, open space, and trails throughout the Manvel community.

Geographic Information System (GIS)


This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries (Government C. §2501.102). The user is encouraged to independently verify all information contained in this product. The City of Manvel makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of this product or to its fitness for a particular purpose. The user:

  • Accepts the product as is, with all faults.
  • Assumes all responsibility for the use thereof.
  • Releases the City of Manvel from any damage, loss, or liability arising from such use.


Maps can be found on the City of Manvel GIS page.